Uganda, South Sudan moot electricity and road connectivity

The Government of Uganda and that of South Sudan are in discussion on infrastructure projects that will see joint electricity and road connectivity between the two countries.

Speaking in Juba recently, Dhieu Mathok,, South Sudan’s Minister for Energy and Dams, said the two governments have been in discussion regarding the projects and that an MoU is due to be signed soon between Juba and Kampala.

Monica Azuba Ntege, Uganda’s Minister of Works and Transport confirmed that the two countries agreed on technical cooperation on cross-border electrification and transport to promote trade and development through improved connectivity.

Under the agreement electricity, transmission infrastructure will be built between Uganda and the Southern Sudanese towns of Nimule and Kaya, which Uganda will supply with electricity. Under the same arrangement, a road connection between Uganda-Nimule and Kaya will also be done. Kaya  is on the border between Uganda, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The road will therefore open up a new trade corridor between Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

Simon D’Ujanga, Uganda’s State Minister for Energy, was recently quoted by Chinese news agencies as saying Uganda plans to construct a 400KW of power transmission line into South Sudan to ease trade.

Uganda is currently constructing Karuma power dam in northern Uganda, which is expected to be ready by the end of 2018, and will generate 600MW of electricity. Another power dam is planned in Agago, also in northern Uganda.

Sudan is Uganda’s biggest regional market consuming up to US1 million annually worth of manufactured goods, agricultural products and services. The power and road connectivity will therefore stimulate further economic activity between northern Uganda and south Sudan.

“We want our goods to move freely on the roads. So we have agreed to discuss how to work together so that we can give opportunity to the people of the two countries to enjoy the resources that we have,” Rebecca Joshua, South Sudan’s Minister of Roads and Bridges, said.

“This will help very much in integrating our countries and at the same time in the development of the areas in connectivity, tourism, trade and access to market,” Ntege said.

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