Uganda Road Fund disburses Ushs 76.6 billion for road maintenance

The Uganda Road Fund (URF) has disbursed a total of Ushs 76.6 billion (about US$27.3 million) to facilitate routine maintenance and periodic maintenance of roads designated as “national” roads.

The Uganda Road Fund was established in 2008 by an Act of Parliament of Uganda as the entity
Responsible for oversight and supervision as well as financing routine and periodic maintenance of public roads in Uganda. The URF executes its mandate through disbursements to central and local government institutions designated as road maintenance agencies under Section 41 of the URF Act, 2008. These include the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), district local Governments, Municipalities and Town Councils.

The current disbursement intended to cover activities for Quarter 3 of the Financial year 2014/15 saw UNRA receive Ushs 57.9 billion (about US$ 20.6 million), Kampala Capital City Authority-Ushs41.1billion (US$14.6 million), Municipalities-Ushs 4.1 billion (US$1.4 million), while district and Town Council Roads received Ushs 13.3 billion (US$4.7 million).

According to the URF, there are a total of 135 Designated Agencies (DAs) responsible for managing maintenance of the public roads network. These include 111 District Local Governments (DLGs), 2 authorities (KCCA and UNRA) and 22 municipalities. The District Local Governments oversee town councils and sub-counties

According to the URF strategic plans, in total there are 1104 sub‐counties and 174 town councils receiving funding for road maintenance as sub‐agencies of the DLGs. The DAs and sub‐agencies collectively look after a total of 78,000Km of public roads made up of 21,000Km of national roads under UNRA management; 1,100Km of KCCA roads; 18,500Km of district roads; 4,000Km of urban roads managed by town councils; 3400Km of urban roads managed by Municipal councils; and 30,000Km of Community Access Roads (CARs) managed by sub‐counties.
The funds are intended to facilitate routine and periodic maintenance of roads, road safety works, axle load control, ferry operations and maintenance, plant and equipment repairs and purchase of road materials.

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