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Technology Review: Total Excellium technology

To many a motorist, petrol and diesel- commonly called “fuel” is just a liquid that runs engines, to power vehicles.  But in fact, fuel is a technology, a product of extensive research, innovation and technology development. Different fuels are specifically designed to achieve specific motoring purposes and experiences. As technology generally advances, fuel technology is moving with the times. Increasingly oil companies are investing heavily to ensure that they out fuel technologies that meet the increasingly discerning motorists’ needs.

As a result, oil companies are fast churning out different fuel technologies not only to charm motorists, but give them better value in their motoring life and better car experience.

Motorists challenges and needs range from the quest to drive for long distances for less fuel, and therefore a saving on fuel bills to preservation of the car engines so that their cars last long and save on the need to buy a new car every few years. More than ever before environmental conservation- through use of environmentally friendly fuels has become a major concern as well.

Total’s answer to some of these needs is Total Excellium. According to Total officials the Excellium is a new technology specifically designed to clean car engines to give better performance and is designed to take less fuel for more distance.

During the launch of the new technology in Kampala late last year, Stanislas Mittleman, Total’s senior vice president, marketing & services,  Africa/Middle East, said “The Total Excellium products combine the best Total’s technological know-how in its formula and reflect…very high commitment to quality.”

“ Our research teams developed these fuels to provide an ever-more effective response to our customers’ growing focus on engine care.”

Excellium works by ensuring a clean engine which results into less fuel consumption and less pollution and longevity of engine lives. Accumulation of deposits in car engines is known to affect the engine’s operation and negatively impact performance, resulting in higher fuel consumption, a rise in harmful emissions and less power experience.

The crux of Total Excellium is that its formulation has been optimized with specific detergent additives to clean the engine’s vital components and to keep it clean over time. According to Total, the  result of this is , “up to 89 per cent less build up (of deposits) for diesel engines and up to 93 per cent less for gasoline engines. By eliminating deposits on fuel delivery systems, Total Excellium keeps engines performing at their optimum level over time with reduced fuel consumption and lower carbon dioxide emissions.”

The Total Excellium logic is:

  1. A clean engine lasts longer

By eliminating deposits, Total Excellium is thought to enable engines maintain their performance. Excellium’s anti-corrosion technology protects engines for extended lifetime.

A clean engine uses less fuel

A contaminated engine increases fuel consumption; a key to marinating efficiency is keeping the engine clean. According to Total, Excellium contains detergents which make for a reduction in fuel consumption.

A clean engine pollutes less

By improving running of the engine, Excellium contributes to a reduction in polluting emissions (carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons). The reduction in consumption directly results in a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

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