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Prospects for Nickel, Zinc, Silver promising in Kitgum-Pader

By RI Reporter
Prospects for a range of minerals including Zinc, Zilver, Nickel and Copper in the Kitgum-Pader belt in northern Uganda are promising, according to a prospecting report.
In their June 2015 Progress on Prospecting report, SIPA Resources, a  world leading mineral prospector, said, “Major mining houses have scoured the world for decades in an attempt to discover the next Broken Hill Type Deposit. SIPA has demonstrated that such world class deposits could be discovered at Pamwa and within the extensive Zinc rich Ayuu Alal –(in northern Uganda).”

Broken Hill in North West Australia has the largest deposits of Zinc, Silver and Lead discovered anywhere in the world to date. The Australian Geological Journal has described Broken Hill as “one of the richest accumulations of lead, zinc and silver in the world.” Mining in the Broken Hill started in 1883 and continues to date.
If Kitgum-Pader belt has the “Broken Hill type” of deposits, it means that Acholiland could be sitting on huge world class levels of deposits of Lead, Zinc, Nickel and Silver.
According to SIPA, so far investigations done in the Acholi belt “contain many of the characteristics described as being typically associated with Broken Hill type SEDEX deposits, according to local geochemical associations, geological observations, and the broader interpreted tectonostratigraphic setting of a rifted reactivated mobile belt of probable lower to mid Proterozoic age.”

The area under SIPA prospecting codenamed “The Kitgum-Pader Base and Precious Metals Project” covers an area of 7,296 square kilometres.
SIPA acquired the rights to prospect Kitgum-Pader in 2011 following a positive outlook from airborne magnetic/radiometric data sets, and the subsequent geological/metallogenic interpretation of the data sets. A field reconnaissance was done in December 2011.
SIPA Resources said in their progress report that the reconnaissance to the North West of Kitgum found that the “rocks were recognised as being strikingly similar to the host ‘Mine Series‘ sequence at the giant Broken Hill Lead-Zinc-Silver Deposit in NSW, Australia.” 

Since then, SIPA has collected over 50,000 soil samples, along with geological mapping from the area which have led to the discovery of two potentially economic mineral systems; the Intrusive hosted Nickel-Copper sulphide mineralisation at Akelikongo; and the Broken Hill-style Lead-Zinc-Silver, at Pamwa.  Akelikongo is one of the standout Nickel-Coppe soil anomalies identified to date, according to the prospector.
Nickel, Silver, Zinc and copper are metals used in making alloys. Alloys are combinations of different metals to form combinations of different characteristics; stronger combinations used in industry, military- ware, construction, aviation, electronics, manufacturing, among others.

In May, SIPA, a listed company on the Australian Stock Exchnage reported that they had received an oversubscription of shares placement and purchase plan intended to raise US$3.5 million to finance the northern Uganda prospecting project. According to Lynda Daley, the SIPA managing director, the company realized US5.2 million, -over 30 per cent oversubscription, which is a pointer to the high prospects in this project.

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